Städtische Berufsschule für
Finanz-, Immobilien- und Automobilwirtschaft

English Training Program


Graduation Diploma, Letter of Recommendation, KMK Certificate

In our compulsory courses you will be trained in Business English – both in written and spoken form. Typical contents for our lessons will be

  • for bankers: e.g. opening accounts, investment of money, lending business
  • for investment specialists: e.g. fund management, presentation skills
  • for real estate agents: e.g. housing, customers care

There are three ways to get your efforts certified:

  • by a graduation diploma. This is issued automatically at the end of the school term and shows the grades you have achieved.
  • by a letter of recommendation: This is issued on request only by your English teacher and certified by our school’s headteacher.
  • by the KMK certificate
    (KMK ist the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education in the German Federal States). It can be acquired by passing an examination which is set centrally by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education. It is held at the various vocational schools around May/June.
    The voluntary test consists of a written and an oral part, both must be passed separately. Get more specified information on this exam from your teacher or from the attached …flyer!

See you then…